This $8 Nectarine Dessert At Zuni Cafe Is A Little Disappointing

Customers at Zuni Cafe in San Francisco were surprised to find that their $8 dessert was nothing more than a nectarine rolling around on a plate.

Under a Chowhound post titled “Nectarine Dessert at Zuni Is Just That,” the poster praised Zuni’s “ethos of simplicity in flavors and cooking,” but thought that this was going too far. We agree. It’s no $55 mac and cheese, but it seems a bit ridiculous to charge $8 for a piece of fruit that isn’t a mangosteen.

UPDATE: Commenter Michael Belisle writes that someone from Zuni left a comment on a message board claiming the nectarine should have only been $4.50, which is less ludicrous, although still fairly pricey for a food whose only preparation was putting it on a plate. Thanks, Michael!
Nectarine Dessert At Zuni Is Just That [Chowhound via Serious Eats]