Apple Agrees To Replace Exploding First-Gen iPods After Japan Demands Action

In what should have been a no-brainer, Apple today agreed to replace any iPod Nanos that unexpectedly explode. The announcement came as a response to the Japanese government, which yesterday asked the computer-maker to “take some measures” to warn consumers of the potential danger of their little pocket rockets. Apple blames a single bad battery supplier for the spontaneous fireworks.

Apple said the flaw affected first-generation Nanos, sold between September 2005 and December 2006, in very rare instances. The company’s statement added that “There have been no reports of serious injuries or property damage, and no reports of incidents for any other iPod Nano model.”

According to the ministry, Apple Computer has been notified of a total of 14 similar cases in Japan. Out of those, two users suffered minor burning.

The ministry said the incidents were caused by four models — MA004J/A, MA005J/A, MA099J/A and MA107J/A — of which 1.81 million units were sold between September 2005 and September 2006 in Japan.

Domo arigato, Apple, for seeing the wisdom of our suggested policy: “Return Exploded iPod, Get 1 Free!”

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(Photo: Getty) (Thanks to Simon!)

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