Chipotle May Discontinue Chorizo; Would You Care?

It hasn’t even been a year since Chipotle added chorizo sausage to its menu on a nationwide basis, and now there’s the possibility it could be going away — but would that many people really miss it?

Earlier this summer, Chipotle began testing queso at a small number of test stores, and now Business Insider reports that queso-selling stores in Chipotle’s home state of Colorado are not selling chorizo, presumably to keep the total number of menu items the same.

If chorizo were to go away, it may not be sorely missed by most Chipotle customers. According to industry analyst Peter Saleh of BTIG, the sausage only accounts for about 3% of the chain’s protein sales, dwarfed by the much more popular beef, chicken, and pork. So if queso goes nationwide, that might be the end of Chipotle’s chorizo experiment.

At the same time, judging by some responses to the queso on social media, Chipotle might not want to go nationwide with that new menu item:

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