Chipotle Ditching Chorizo To Focus On Queso

Chipotle Ditching Chorizo To Focus On Queso

Less than a year after Chipotle added chorizo sausage to its menu, the fast-causal Mexican chain is ditching the protein option and turning its focus toward its new — not entirely loved — queso. [More]

Chipotle May Discontinue Chorizo; Would You Care?

Chipotle May Discontinue Chorizo; Would You Care?

It hasn’t even been a year since Chipotle added chorizo sausage to its menu on a nationwide basis, and now there’s the possibility it could be going away — but would that many people really miss it? [More]


Customers Accuse Chipotle Of Lying About The Calories In Chorizo Burrito

Most people probably understand that the calorie counts on a fast food menu aren’t 100% precise, but an approximation of what you’d expect to consume. But there’s a big difference between being a few calories off and being off by hundreds of calories. [More]

Chipotle Adding Chorizo To The Menu Nationwide

Chipotle Adding Chorizo To The Menu Nationwide

More than an 16 months after Chipotle began testing chorizo as a protein option at its Kansas City-area locations, and four months after it began allowing customers in four other states and Washington, D.C. to add the meat to their burritos, burrito bowls, salads, and tacos, the company is ready to bring the spicy meat nationwide.  [More]


Chipotle Adding Spicy Chorizo To The Menu So Customers Forget About All That Other Stuff

In the more than 20 years that it’s been in business, Chipotle hasn’t changed its menu very much. That’s why it’s notable that the burrito eatery is slowly rolling out a new protein, just over two years after introducing braised tofu that they had to bribe everyone to try. Only a few select markets get to try the new chorizo for now, though. [More]

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Chipotle To Expand Chorizo, Consider Loyalty Program To Bring In New And ‘Lapsed’ Customers

Last year, Chipotle’s food-safety crisis led the burrito eatery’s business to plummet, with same-store sales plunging as low as 37% in December 2015. In 2016, though, there have been no reported outbreaks, and the company has been mailing and texting out coupons to draw old and new customers. The massive giveaways of food are now over, and the chain is moving on to new promotional methods, including buy one, get one free entrées and potentially a loyalty program. [More]

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Chipotle Testing Chorizo Protein Option On Menus In Kansas City

Although Chipotle just released a new menu item last fall in the form of its vegan tofu sofritas protein offering, it seems the chain is considering debuting another new option — chorizo. The chain is currently testing the ground chicken and pork sausage in all of its 33 Kansas City, MO locations starting today. [More]