Yes, You Can Fly With This Huge Freaking Lobster (But Don’t Sit Near Me)

Image courtesy of TSA

As if people aren’t bad enough, your future seatmate could feature large, pinchy claws. Well, sort of.

According to the Transportation Safety Administration’s Instagram account, a screener at Boston Logan International Airport found himself facing this giant of the sea while resolving a checked baggage alarm:

Lobsters — quite popular at airports in New England, as one may imagine — are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags, TSA notes, but just make sure you’ve checked with your airline ahead of time for packing guidelines.

We’ve also updated our handy list of all the foods you can bring through airport security, if you have other culinary questions before you fly.

You should also make sure your lobster is polite and keeps its claws to itself — and no eating tuna sandwiches, either (unless you happen to be Sir Patrick Stewart).

The agency’s social media accounts are known for weighing in on questionable items — often to the delight of flyers — including everything from ammo-filled Bibles and hot sauce grenades, to Batarangs and Jeremy Bentham’s mummified head.

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