TSA: Please Leave Your Ammo-Filled Bibles And Hot Sauce Grenades At Home

There are a lot of things you aren’t allowed to bring into the cabin of a plane: throwing stars, shoe knives, and toy guns belonging to sock monkeys. While a hollowed-out Bible might be a great hiding place for your bullets at home, the Transportation Safety Administration would like the public to know that you’ll need a different container when you travel by air.


Yes, you can bring firearms and ammunition on flights, but only in your checked baggage, and the gun can’t be loaded. Ammo has to be in a wooden or cardboard box that’s designed for carrying ammunition, which pretty much rules out hollowed-out books.

The TSA’s Instagram feed is a source of never-ending entertainment and edification. For example, who knew that hot sauce was available in handy containers shaped like grenades?


While the case goes with the brand name “flash bang,” that doesn’t mean that putting it in your carry-on is such a hot idea.

These brass knuckles shaped like kitty heads have given me exciting new gift ideas for my Consumerist co-workers.


TSA [Instagram]

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