JetBlue Reminds Passengers: Eating Tuna On A Plane Makes You A Horrible Person

A recent survey found that 60% of people think it’s rude for passengers to bring stinky food onto a plane. Count the folks at JetBlue among them, as the airline has released an etiquette video calling out eaters of smelly foods.

In the above PSA, a JetBlue passenger cracks open a can of tuna for a mid-flight snack, resulting in everyone around him wishing he would be sucked out through the emergency exit. Things only get worse with the involvement of chopped onions and sardines. The final straw occurs when the passenger busts out what appears to be a to-go container of kimchi.

The video freeze-frames as his fellow passengers revolt, presumably because the bloody carnage that ensued would not be fit for most eyes.

The clip reminds me of sitting behind a family on a flight from San Francisco to New York. Not only did they feed all their kids tuna salad sandwiches, but when their youngest got sick and vomited, they did nothing to clean it up; ultimately leaving the soiled baby seat behind for the cabin crew to deal with.

I enjoy tuna just as much as the next person, and yes, you’re free to bring on any foods the TSA and airline rules allow. But it’s just bad form to assume that everyone on the plane wants to smell your lunch. You’ll be landing in a few hours; tuna can wait.

Once again, this is all just an excuse to post this:

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