Customer Service Worker Gone Rogue Tells KFC, Pizza Hut Customers To Order Domino’s Next Time

Image courtesy of Sol Es

If you’re going to fire a customer service rep, you need to make sure they can’t get back into your system and wreak havoc… like the former rep who managed to reply to dozens of emails from KFC and Pizza Hut, telling them the restaurants don’t care about complaints anymore, and to just “order from Domino’s next time.”

According to The Sun, the poison pen emails were sent by a recently fired employee of Market Force, a company that provides a range of customer experience tools and services for retail businesses.

This ex-worker allegedly broke into the company’s office and sent replies to about 50 UK customers who had written to KFC and Pizza Hut to complain or offer feedback.

“Unfortunately we’re not interested,” read one. “Unfortunately, we don’t care about our customer complaints anymore,” echoed another. “Please order from Domino’s next time,” was also a common reply.

A spokesperson for Market Force told The Sun that the behavior of the former customer care team member “isn’t acceptable.”

“While we love a laugh, we’re 100% serious when it comes to listening to, and protecting, our customers,” the spokesperson said, noting that the company is investigating and will contact each of the customers affected personally to apologize.

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