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Taco Bell Ditching Naked Chicken Chalupa In March

Taco Bell dropped its fried chicken shell Chalupa on customers nationally less than a month ago and the fast food giant is already preparing to remove the Naked Chicken Chalupa from its menu in March. [More]

Burger King Will Sell Chicken Fries In Ring Form

Burger King Will Sell Chicken Fries In Ring Form

Have you ordered Burger King’s chicken fries and wished that they could be rounder? No, neither has anyone else, but the fast food chain is putting Chicken Fries Rings on the menu anyway as a limited-time item and a new variation on their Chicken Fries franchise. There have been flavor variations, including Fiery, Jalapeno, and Buffalo fries, but this marks the chain’s first variation on shape in the Chicken Fries line. [More]


McRib Returning, But Only To 55% Of U.S. McDonald’s

Last November, the McRib returned in all its glory to nearly three-quarters of McDonald’s U.S. locations. This year, however, the (real) meat patty with (fake) ribs will be a bit harder to find, as many franchisees have decided to forgo the limited-time item. [More]