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Taco Bell Continues Assault On Definition Of ‘Taco,’ Now Using Fried Egg As Shell

Taco Bell’s apparent longterm goal of proving that any item in your pantry can be turned into a taco shell continues. After folding Doritos, waffles, biscuits, croissants, and fried chicken into shell-like shapes, the fast food chain is now bending the definition of “taco” by putting some stuff inside a fried egg and calling it a Naked Breakfast Taco. [More]


Taco Bell Ditching Naked Chicken Chalupa In March

Taco Bell dropped its fried chicken shell Chalupa on customers nationally less than a month ago and the fast food giant is already preparing to remove the Naked Chicken Chalupa from its menu in March. [More]

Fried Chicken Shell Chalupa Dropping At Taco Bell Jan. 26

Fried Chicken Shell Chalupa Dropping At Taco Bell Jan. 26

Less than two weeks into the new year and fast food restaurants are already preparing to top all of the stunt food that debuted in 2016. First up: Taco Bell’s national release of a fried chicken shell chalupa.  [More]

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How Does Taco Bell Turn Everything, Including Fried Chicken, Into Taco Shells?

Last fall, we began hearing reports that Taco Bell was testing taco shells made from fried chicken, because that’s an actual thing that people would definitely eat. The fall test was in Bakersfield, CA, and they also tested them in Kansas City last month. Where do they come from, though? Is it simply a Tex-Mex Double Down? [More]