Video Shows UPS Worker Dumping Packages Over A Garden Wall

Image courtesy of CBS San Francisco

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, or so they say. But when it comes to overcoming a delivery obstacle, that way shouldn’t involve simply dumping packages marked “fragile” on the ground.

Homeowners in Vallejo, CA, were confused to find their packages unceremoniously dumped in their front yard, CBS San Francisco reports, so the husband and wife checked their home security footage.

The video shows a UPS worker unsuccessfully trying to open a gate outside their home while holding a stack of packages. Once she realizes there’s no going through, she decides to simply go over, and drops the boxes on the other side of the wall and onto the wet grass.

“I was in shock! I was absolutely appalled,” one of the homeowners told the news station. “It’s not right… to just dump people’s packages over a wall, especially those marked fragile.”

Nothing was broken, but the contents were wet, she says.

“She could have set them down, tried to open the gate, but she didn’t do that.”

Although the front gate has a sign reading, “No soliciting/Keep gate closed,” the homeowners say that hasn’t prevented other delivery people from safely delivering packages in the past. The woman says UPS’ excuse was, “It’s an 18-year-old hired off the street.”

UPS told CBS San Francisco that incidents like these are extremely rare, and that the company promptly contacted the homeowners, who declined compensation. UPS told the station that delivery care is emphasized for all UPS drivers and seasonal helpers.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen delivery workers behaving badly, however:

• There was the Amazon delivery guy whose friend stole a package right after it was delivered.

• The USPS delivery worker who couldn’t resist showing off his athleticism.

• Speaking of athletically inclined USPS drivers, this guy not only chucked a package, he did a victory lap around his delivery van.

• UPS once had to apologize for a driver who peed on a house after throwing a package. Yes, you read that right.

• And last but not least, there was the delivery driver caught on tape chucking packages from the window of his truck.

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