Video Shows Amazon Delivery Guy’s Friend Stealing Package Right After It’s Delivered

Image courtesy of CBS 2

We’ve seen strangers and passers-by swipe packages right off the front porch of someone’s house, but it’s not as often that we find delivery workers teaming up with their friends to steal the goods they just dropped off.

Home security cameras were made for this stuff: a husband and wife in Northridge, CA showed CBS 2 footage of a man dropping off a box of fabric softener at the front door. The video then shows the white delivery van make a U-turn, and when it comes back, another man gets out of the vehicle, grabs the package, and they drive off again.

Meanwhile, the wife was watching it all go down live via her smartphone, which is connected to the home’s two security cameras.

“I’m like oh my gosh, oh my gosh, that guy is taking my package back to the Amazon Van! He just delivered it and he’s taking it back. I was freaking out,” she recalled to CBS 2.

The couple called Amazon, and later the delivery man and an Amazon employee showed up return the package, and apologize.

“He came clean and said that the other gentleman was paying him $50 a day to do a ride along and steal packages so we weren’t the only ones who were targeted,” the husband said.

Amazon told CBS 2 in a statement that the driver has been fired.

“We have very high standards for our delivery partners and how they serve customers. They driver was terminated by the delivery provider.”

Security Camera Catches Amazon Driver Stealing Package He Delivered [CBS 2]

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