USPS Driver Shows Off Athleticism By Throwing Package, Running Lap Around Delivery Van

Wait a minute — are the Delivery Driver Games coming up and no one warned us? Why else would a United States Postal Service worker appear to be fine-tuning her athletic prowess by chucking a delicate package onto a porch before a quick lap around her delivery van?

Oh, wait. Those games don’t exist and so the worker throwing a package at an Oklahoma City house is probably just another careless delivery person with the bad luck to be caught on tape. At least she didn’t pee on the house, I guess.

In a YouTube video posted by the homeowner, CCTV security cameras capture the woman hurling the package — which contained a camera and Blu-Ray movies from Amazon, reports KOCO 5 News.

“I’ve never seen this person before, but usually we get pretty good service,” the resident says. “Seeing someone just toss it like that really gets on my nerves.”

The USPS tells the station it’s identified the woman in the footage and is taking steps to make sure the incident doesn’t happen again, though it didn’t add whether or not the woman had been fired.

“We take great pride in delivering the mail to the American public, that’s what we do, we do it every day,” a rep told KOCO.

Postal officials apologized to the package’s recipient, and Amazon is offering him 20% off as a result of the incident.

USPS worker tosses package, circles delivery van [KOCO 5]

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