Another Day, Another Delivery Driver Chucking Packages From The Truck Window

(CBS Los Angeles)

This is just the wind-up before the pitch. (CBS Los Angeles)

Is there some kind of delivery driver discus event in the works that we don’t know about? Because why else would we keep seeing FedEx (not just once, but at least twice), UPS and now United States Postal Service employees chucking packages here, there and everywhere?

Because I’m fairly certain there’s no Delivery Driver Toss contest coming up, it would seem that the USPS worker recently caught on camera flinging a package from his truck over a fence into a resident’s yard doesn’t know how to use the brakes on the vehicle. Or maybe the lawn is secretly made of hot lava. Or maybe the carrier hasn’t yet realized that there are such things as home surveillance cameras.

Otherwise, why not stop and walk the package over to the house? I’m as stumped as you are.

In the video (via CBS Los Angeles), you can see the unidentified driver cruising past the house before the package comes flying out when the truck is out of the frame. It doesn’t seem like the truck slowed down, either, which could mean the driver is pretty confident about his/her arm.

The package bounces a few times before coming to rest. It ended up with a hole in it and a gap along one of the edges, but it sounds like the camera lens inside wasn’t damaged.

The package’s intended recipient tells CBS Los Angeles that she feels disrespected, but is more concerned that her neighbors might get similar treatment.

“I can walk to my grass, I can walk to my yard, but the elderly that are expecting medications are dependent on whatever pharmacy to deliver because they can’t pick it up,” she said. “And what if they deliver nitroglycerine pills?”

The USPS says it has apologized and called the incident “unacceptable,” adding that it is “investigating this matter and working to identify the employee to take corrective action.”

Video: Postal Service Worker Seen Throwing Package In Drive-By Delivery [CBS Los Angeles]

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