Why Do Fast Food Restaurants Test New Menu Items In Ohio?

Image courtesy of dsuniaga

From McDonald’s mac & cheese cups and Shakin’ Flavor Seasoned Fries to Taco Bell’s Quesalupa, Ohio tends to be the place where fast food restaurants go to find human guinea pigs to test revamped menu items — and apparently not without good reason.

Business Insider reports that Columbus, OH, happens to be a living lab of sorts for fast food chains when it comes to testing new, sometimes exciting or just plain disturbing, menu items.

While other areas of the state have also served as a testing ground for meals, Columbus — and its surrounding cities — often attract restaurants looking to update their offerings for two reasons: access to millennials and its convenient location.

First, Columbus is home to (The) Ohio State University and its leagues of college co-eds. These students, apparently, have disposable income, making them the perfect target for companies like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chipotle and others. By targeting these younger crowds, the companies are able to, as BI puts it, “from their business for future success.”

The city is also a meeting area for a number of major interstates and highways, including Interstate 71 and Interstate 70. It also doesn’t hurt that several chains, such as Wendy’s, call the area home.

Why McDonald’s and Chipotle test new food concepts in Ohio [Business Insider]

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