McDonald’s Testing Mac & Cheese Cups In Happy Meals

mcdonalds-mac-and-cheese-ohioWould you like a cup of mac and cheese with your burger? That may not sound appealing to you, but the pasta dish is a major food group for small children, and the idea is getting a limited-time test in Cleveland. The cups would probably be pre-prepared, so frazzled franchisees wouldn’t have much to complain about regarding the new menu item.

Brand Eating reports that at least one restaurant in Cleveland has the cups, but we don’t know which one if you happen to live or be visiting that city soon. What we do know is that mac and cheese is just a Happy Meal option in place of fries, and that it’s a limited-time offer with an end point that hasn’t been announced yet.

McMacAndCheese is also available on its own to grown-ups for $1.75, but probably doesn’t come in a pretty ceramic dish like in the picture.

McDonald's Testing Mac & Cheese as a Happy Meal Option [Brand Eating]

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