Chipotle Giving Loyalty Program Members More Than $20M In Free Catering

Chipotle customers who joined the chain’s temporary loyalty program — a program aimed at winning back customers after a spate of food-borne illness outbreaks at its restaurants — are finally getting a reward, in the form of free catered food.

About 85,000 Chiptopia members who completed the program’s top tier of requirements will get free catering for 20 people at a value of $240, which shakes out to about $20.4 million, company spokesman Chris Arnold told CNBC.

Chiptopia’s three levels — mild, medium, and hot — rewarded customers who visited the restaurant since June. To get to “hot” status folks had to buy 11 or more entrees every month for all three summer months. They earned nine free meals already for hitting that tier, so the free catering is just the guacamole on the burrito (this time, it doesn’t cost extra).

They sound pretty hungry after all that hard work:

CNCBC notes that Chiptopia is paying off for the company, the chain said in July, and it’s now planning another loyalty program. It’s unclear if it would be a permanent thing or another limited-time promotion.

Chipotle to give away more than $20 million in free catering [CNBC]

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