Starbucks Introduces Pumpkin Spice Bottled Frappuccinos As Costco Exclusive

pumpkinaliaI live in a rather deprived part of the Northeast: I can only reach a Costco store by driving more than two hours in any direction. (Except north. That’s Canada.) Today, we learned about a Costco-exclusive product that leaves me wondering whether I’m extra-deprived or better off. Starbucks is selling bulk packs of its bottled Frappuccinos in pumpkin spice flavor, but they’ll only be available at Costco.

This is the first year that Starbucks has bottled up and sold pumpkin spice mania in its packaged products, though you can buy the company’s pumpkin spice sauce online by the almost-half-gallon, which should last even the most pumpkin-crazed aficionado for the entire season and well into winter.

We first saw this item on The Impulsive Buy, and checked in with Starbucks to find out whether this was something new. Starbucks confirmed that it’s new, but will only be available at Costco during the magical “limited time” that is pumpkin spice season.

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