Starbucks Brings Back Iced Sampler Cards Program, Separate From Star Rewards

Image courtesy of Starbucks

While recent changes to the rewards program at Starbucks drew some complaints, the app remains popular and customers still have massive amounts of money stored away in their accounts. However, the company has brought back a very analog promotion for the summer, which uses a card with stickers for customers to rack up free drinks.

Do we find cards with physical rewards more satisfying, or is Starbucks counting on customers to misplace the physical cards? Yes, the coffee chain has brought back the Iced Sampler Cards, which gives customers who buy five Grande (medium) size drinks and collect five stickers a sixth one for free. Drink, that is. Not sticker.

The card program ends on August 8th, so you’ll have to get more than one drink per week to take part. However, it looks like drinks that you buy for the sampler card program also count for the standard Starbucks rewards program, so you’ll be able to collect stickers and stars. It’s like kindergarten for the caffeine-addicted.

(via Brand Eating)

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