Starbucks Again Offering The Chance To Win Free Coffee Every Day For Life (Which Really Means 30 Years)

If you weren’t one of the lucky 14 customers to win free Starbucks for life (psych! it’s really one free drink and food item each day for 30 years) last year, then you have a shot at redemption, as the coffee giant is once again unleashing its “Starbucks for Life” sweepstakes. 

Starbucks announced the second year of its holiday-timed, rewards member-only contest on Tuesday, marking the start of the program.

Unlike last year, when there were 14 winners — 10 in the U.S., three in Canada and one in the U.K. — this year’s version of the contest only includes five “Starbucks for Life” grand prizes.

It’s unclear if the grand prize is still valued at $54,000, applies only to the U.S., Canada, and U.K., or if it includes an engraved card made of 10K hammered gold. We’ve reached out to Starbucks for comment on these issues and will update this post when we hear back.

Other prizes for this year’s contest include 25 winners of Starbucks for a year, 125 winners of Starbucks for a month and 500 winners of Starbucks for a week.

In addition to changing up the quantity of grand prize winners, the new version of the sweepstakes takes on a bit more of a game persona than its previous edition.

Starbucks rewards members earn one game play in the sweepstakes by making a purchase at a store with a registered card or the Starbucks Mobile App.

The member then goes to and logs in using their My Starbucks Rewards credentials to play the game for the chance to win instant prizes, like bonus stars, or a game piece to place on their game board for the chance to win Starbucks for a day, a week, a month or a lifetime, the company says.

The promotion ends January 11, 2016.

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