Starbucks Giving Out Rewards Stars For Bottled Beverages And K-Cups

Image courtesy of Starbucks

One handy feature of the My Starbucks Rewards program is that you don’t have to actually go to a Starbucks. Customers can earn program “stars” for purchases of Starbucks branded bagged coffee that they brew at home. Now the program has expanded to more products.

Last year, Starbucks changed its rewards program structure. It previously counted the number of purchases or visits that a customer made, no matter how much he or she spent per visit. Now the program tracks dollars spent, with periodic bonus stars available for buying specific items or making purchases within a certain timeframe.

Customers will now be able to earn points on their purchases of bottled and canned ready-to-drink coffees, including single-serve liquid Frappuccinos and Doubleshot beverages, boxes of K-Cups, Starbucks’ own Via Instant formulas, and bottles of pre-brewed iced coffee and espresso.

Depending on their dollar value, these items will get customers between two and 25 stars. That’s different from restaurant purchases, where customers earn two stars per dollar spent. A full list of items and their star values can be found on the Starbucks Rewards site.

Customers can also earn rewards when they use their stored-value balance in the Starbucks app or a card to purchase food, drink, and merchandise from Starbucks restaurants or Teavana stores.

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