Sam’s Club Takes Advantage Of Costco Credit Card Problems, Invites Members To Visit

Hey, are you a Costco member? Are you annoyed with their switch to only accepting Visa cards, and the problematic transition to the Costco Anywhere Visa? Competitor Sam’s Club has a solution for you: come check out their warehouse club, where all major credit cards are welcome. Even if that’s a pretty recent development. Sam’s is welcoming Costco card holders to enter the store and browse (but not to shop without buying their own membership) through July 4.

They’re even parodying Costco’s branding that surrounds the switch. Maybe someone at Sam’s has been reading the Costco Facebook page, where frustrated members are threatening to join Walmart-owned Sam’s, the other national warehouse club.

Here’s the header to Costco’s Facebook page that marks the changeover, and you can see the Sam’s version above.


Someone at Sam’s is very clever and ready to take advantage of a bad situation at their competitor, especially at a time when Sam’s is trying to improve its food offerings to compete with Costco.

Your Costco Membership Card is now your free Sam’s Club Card at all locations through July 4th. [Facebook] (via Rather-Be-Shopping)

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