NYC Cereal Bar Selling $6 Servings Of Cereal You Can Buy For $5 A Box At The Store

Yes yes, we know — Trix is for kids. But it — and other sweet cereals — is also for adults who are willing to pay $6 a serving for it in Brooklyn rather than going to a corner bodega store to buy a box of their own for about $5. A new cereal bar has just opened up in Brooklyn (where else?) offering a slew of cold cereals served in a celebrity-designed shoe box. But hey, there are toppings, so…

But this is Brooklyn, and the novelty of the thing will likely be part of the allure for customers: the bar is located inside a clothing and sneaker store, and features an express window that opens in the morning before the store so folks can get their cereal before the rest of the store is open for business.

The cereal itself comes packaged in single-serving Mylar bags that fit inside small shoe boxes designed by sports celebs like Andre Agassi. Those boxes can then be used as bowls to eat breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, no judgment!) from, reports the New York Times. There are also toppings available, as well as milk, coffee and cereal-flavored soft-serve.

Like many folks with a dream, the inspiration for the cereal bar came from the owner’s childhood, when he wasn’t allowed to gorge on sweet cereal.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a dedicated cereal bar: back in December 2014 we heard about a London bar that only served cereal and milk, at about $4 a bowl.

My big idea: selling white bread, bologna, American cheese and mayo sandwiches with the crusts cut off to people from my stoop, in honor of the lunch I coveted most in the elementary school cafeteria. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but it was a different time then, folks. It was a different time.

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