Police: Thief Dressed Like Apple Employee Walks Out Of NYC Store With 19 iPhones

Image courtesy of vauvau

In the movies, thieves are always donning clever, complicated disguises to skulk about and commit foul deeds. But it turns out, you don’t even need a fake mustache and a fedora to go undetected if you have the right shirt on.

Police in New York say a gutsy thief waltzed into a Soho Apple Store in a blue shirt, “dressed similarly” to Genius Bar employees on June 1, reports DNA Info.

He apparently knew where he was going, as police said he walked straight back to an electronics repair room, where he grabbed 19 iPhones, totaling $16,130, from a drawer, and handed them to an accomplice.

His fellow thief hid the phones under his shirt, and the twosome walked out. Police are still investigating, and Apple has yet to issue a comment on the incident.

Man Dressed as Apple Store Worker Steals 19 iPhones From SoHo Shop: NYPD [DNAInfo]

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