Man Smashes Apple Store Merchandise, Yelling About Consumer Rights

We don’t know how Apple wronged this customer in Dijon, France, but he caught everyone’s attention when he walked calmly around a store, smashing iPhones and at least one computer with a steel ball. During his smashing spree, he told employees and shoppers about his grievances with the company, then tried to leave the store before mall security caught up with him.

This is not a recommended way to get Apple’s attention about your dispute with the company, in case you were wondering.

A local news report said that the man wore a single glove and held a hollow steel ball used for the game pétanque (the most similar thing we play in the United States is Bocce).

The total carnage was 10 to 12 iPhones and one MacBook Air, and of course a bystander captured the attack on video.

The man was rather calm throughout the smash attack, even if his anger at Apple is what originally prompted it.

He then tried to leave, and seemed surprised when mall security wouldn’t let him walk away from the store.

Destructions chez Apple avec une boule de pétanque : une vidéo mise en ligne [Le Bien Public] (via The Verge)

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