hiding in plain sight


Russian Hackers Use Britney Spears’ Instagram Account To Hide Messages

Instagram is a massive platform, with roughly a billion people all over the world using it to share photos. The most popular users’ images attract thousands or even hundreds of thousands of comments each… which makes them the perfect place to hide a string of text — like, say, malware-activating code — that looks meaningless to most people. [More]


Police: Thief Dressed Like Apple Employee Walks Out Of NYC Store With 19 iPhones

In the movies, thieves are always donning clever, complicated disguises to skulk about and commit foul deeds. But it turns out, you don’t even need a fake mustache and a fedora to go undetected if you have the right shirt on. [More]

This is the notice that users still employing the old search opt-out will receive.

You’ll Need To Change Your Settings To Avoid Showing Up In Facebook Search

Back when Facebook introduced its Graph Search functionality, it took away the old “Who can look up your Timeline by name?” setting for people who weren’t using it, but kept it on for users who still wanted to avoid showing up in search results. Now, that grandfathered option is going away for everyone. [More]