Two Men Simply Walk Out Of Walmart After Scooping Up 5 TVs

Two men in Pennsylvania were able to slip into the stock area of a Walmart store at lunchtime last Tuesday, walking out with five large flat-panel televisions. How? They didn’t disguise themselves as store employees, and were caught on camera, but no one stopped them. Now police are looking for help identifying them.

The two suspects look like they stopped by Walmart on their way home from the golf course, and perhaps their superior ability to blend in would help with leaving the store unnoticed.

Pennlive reports that according to police, the men picked up the TVs from the employees-only back room of the store, then maneuvered through the sales floor and out the front door of the store without being stopped.

We’ve heard of mass thefts like this before, but usually people will disguise themselves as store employees to make their presence in the back stock room easier to explain.

The incident most similar to this one was when a man carefully dressed as a Walmart employee in khakis and a blue smock, walking out of the store with a mere four large televisions. The same thing happened at a different store a year before.

Two suspects in Colorado dressed as Target employees and knew enough about store operations to convince someone to unlock the security cabinet and give them Beats headphones.

Last year, a man knew which shirt to wear to walk into an Apple Store, obtain a stack of 19 iPhones, handing them over to an accomplice inside the store.

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