Amazon Giving Away Free Tablets If You Sign Up For Comcast Through Cable Site

Image courtesy of TechStage

Are you in the market for an Amazon Fire tablet, and a new cable provider? If so, you’re in luck, because the Everything Store is offering free tablets in its Cable Store along with new Xfinity Internet and TV packages from Comcast. Maybe they’d offer tablets with packages from other providers, too, but Comcast is the only vendor in their Cable Store for now.

This isn’t the fanciest tablet that Amazon has to offer: it’s their bargain $50 content delivery device, which is also available in a six-pack for people who prefer to buy their tablets in bulk.


If you’re just buying Internet service, you get the $50 Fire. TVPredictions reports that customers signing up for a Triple Play package get a $230 Kindle Fire tablet along with their phone and TV service, and that does appear in the offer terms and conditions, but that offer isn’t advertised on the item page when I pretend to be one of my neighbors across the border in Vermont.

Letting users review cable service as if it were a book, a tablet, or a gallon of whole milk makes for some interesting reading, too.

comcast hitler

By the way, Amazon says that it’s working with a second cable provider to allow signup through their site. It’s probably Charter.

Amazon: Free Tablets With Comcast Order [TVPredictions] (via DSLReports)

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