Amazon Selling New 7″ Fire Tablets In A $250 Six-Pack

sixpackfireWould you pay $50 for a 7″ Amazon Fire? If not, Amazon thinks you might be down to pay $41 for one if its new tablets — if you’ve got six people you want to give one to. The company is announcing a new lineup of Fire tablets today, including six-packs of the 7″ tablets — which usually go for $49.99 each — for $250. Just to compare, that’s six tablets for half the price of a 32GB iPad mini.

Unlike the new iPad Pro, which is aimed at the business sector, the new Fire tablets are all about entertainment, as David Limp, a senior vice president for Amazon devices, tells USAToday the devices are aimed at the “sweet spot, the consumption of media.”

The new tablets are more tumble-resistant than before, Amazon says, and feature a quad-core processor, front- and rear-facing cameras and up to 128 gb of expandable storage.

There are also two new fire HD tablets in the Amazon store, one at 8″ ($149.99) and one 10.1″ ($229.99). Both are 7.7 millimeters thick and made for watching video content, with the aspect ratio of a wide-screen movie and speakers that Amazon says are twice as powerful as before.

Amazon also announced new iterations of its Amazon Fire TV that comes with a voice remote that allows users to search and play media by speaking. That TV costs $99.99, with a gaming edition that comes with a game controller, more memory and two free games for $139.99. You can get the Fire TV stick with voice remote for $49.99 as well. Those systems will begin shipping on Oct. 5.

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