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Charles Williams

Amazon Has Obtained Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Licenses In 12 States

There are a few things left that doesn’t sell, and one of them is prescription drugs. Yet for most of the last year, analysts and retail-watchers have speculated that Amazon may be looking to get into the prescription drug business. Now there’s proof that the retailer has taken more official steps toward becoming a mail-order pharmacy. [More]


Congratulations To Jeff Bezos, The New Richest Person In The World

For the first time since 2013, the world has a new richest person. Thanks to a rise in the value of Amazon stock, the company’s founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, has taken the top spot on Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index from Microsoft founder Bill Gates. [More]

Mark Turnauckas

Could GrubHub Be Amazon’s Next Big Purchase?

On Friday, Amazon announced that it would be acquiring Whole Foods, an upscale grocery chain with stores across the country. Once that deal is complete and the companies have settled into their new relationship, what might Amazon want to acquire next? One investment analyst suggests that maybe what the Everything Store needs next is some food delivery. [More]


Amazon Gives Up On Selling Comcast & Frontier Cable Service

Last year, as part of its march toward inevitable world domination, Amazon opened a store to sell cable service. No, it wasn’t getting into the business: Amazon signed up customers and collected a commission. Now, however, the Everything Store no longer sells telecom services. [More]


Cheap Prime, On-Campus Kiosks Meant To Get College Students Hooked On Amazon

How do you get newly minted adults hooked on your service for life? If you’re Amazon, the secret is to provide them with everything that they need at a discount, and deliver it as quickly as possible. The combination of discounted Prime service and easy on-campus pickup is meant to hook college students on Prime during their formative years, and it’s turning out to be very effective. [More]

Amazon Wants To Take Over Your Photo Printing, Too

Amazon Wants To Take Over Your Photo Printing, Too

Perhaps you store your photos using Amazon’s Prime Photos service, or you use Amazon Drive for your disk backups. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could just have Amazon print those photos out for you, in prints or in photo books? Today, Amazon announced its new Prints service, which is exactly what it sounds like. [More]


Amazon Really Does Sell Everything, Opens Cable Store To Resell Comcast

Someday, you will be able to buy your house and everything in it from Amazon, much like Sears a century ago. Perhaps to prepare for that day, Amazon is now selling Comcast’s Xfinity bundles in its new Amazon Cable Store, and the store setup implies that they’ll be adding carriers in other areas soon. [More]

Leaked Contract: Amazon Makes Warehouse Workers Sign 18-Month Non-Compete Agreements

Leaked Contract: Amazon Makes Warehouse Workers Sign 18-Month Non-Compete Agreements

Amazon warehouses, even the ones powered by amazing shelf robots, depend mostly on human labor to get the stuff off the shelves and into boxes. The job doesn’t pay very much and is grueling, and also has high turnover. Oh, and employees are asked to sign 18-month non-compete contracts that ban them from working for any competitor of Amazon. [More]