‘Murica: The Inevitable Beer Response To Budweiser’s “America” Name Change

Image courtesy of Saugatuck Brewing Company

That didn’t take long: the day after Anheuser-Busch InBev said Budweiser would be temporarily renamed to “America”, a Michigan brewery came out with its own beery appeal to patriotism, albeit a tongue-in-cheek one: ‘Murica.

Saugatuck Brewing Company posted an image of its new brew bearing the words, “Actually American” on the packaging (AB InBev is based in Belgium, see?) on Facebook, writing, “Fear not, America. We’re here to make beer named after America great again.”

Alas, while Budweiser’s “America is in Your Hands” campaign is very real, very earnest, and getting very much mocked on social media right now, Saugatuck’s ‘Murica brew is a joke. How could it not be, when it “tastes like Freedom” and is “brewed under the careful watch of 1,776 Bald Eagles”?

“This is a joke,” Megan Pruim, Saugatuck’s marketing coordinator told MLive.com. “We were sitting around the brewery, having a little bit of fun and seeing the humor in it. We were playing around with the idea and decided to do something to make people laugh.”

Though it would seem Saugatuck is adding to the chorus of mockery on social media right now, Pruim insists, “We’re not slamming them.”

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