Budweiser’s Parent Company Wants To Fill The Corona-Shaped Hole In Your Heart With Jalisco Estrella

Image courtesy of Anheuser Busch InBev

When Anheuser-Busch InBev merged with Corona parent company Grupo-Modelo, it had to sell the U.S. rights to the popular beer to another company in order to abide by a Justice Department requirement to keep the marketplace fair and competitive. To fill that Corona-shaped hole in your heart, Budweiser’s parent company is now bringing Jalisco Estrella across the border and into American stores and bars.

With the addition of Jalisco Estrella, AB InBev is responding to consumers’ growing love of Mexican beers: as MarketWatch points out, the market for Mexican beers imported to the U.S. has grown by 14.2% in in 2015, according to industry researcher IRI Worldwide.

Jalisco Estrella may be new to U.S. customers, but it’s a brand that goes back to 1910, and is popular on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in particular, Anheuser-Busch marketing director Jorge Inda Meza told MarketWatch.

So far, so good: the response to Estrella Jalisco has been very strong since it hit the market a few months ago, Maza said, though he declined to provide sales figures.

He says in many cases stores are selling out of the beer, to the point where the company has created signs to alert beer customers that “our brewery is hard at work making more.”

Unlike Corona, Maza says Estrella Jalisco doesn’t require a lime to finish off the taste, but that’s entirely up to you drinkers.

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