YouTube Adding A Messaging Tool To Its Mobile Apps

youtubesharingIf you’re the kind of person who can’t help but send your friends the latest and greatest cat videos when you’re deep in a YouTube hole, you could cut some steps from your sharing process if the video service’s new messaging function becomes a permanent feature.

Instead of having to copy and paste a link and email/text/chat it to a friend using an outside service, YouTube’s native sharing function is going live on iOS and Android apps for a small percentage of users, Wired reports.

Those folks who have the tool can spread it to others by inviting their friends into conversation threads, right from the “share” button that’s on videos. Messages pop into a new tab on the mobile app. Don’t feel like you can respond in words? You can also share another video from within the thread.

And on and on until you’ve fallen even farther into the video hole that all started with a simple search for “hello my future girlfriend.”

YouTube’s New Messenger Means You’ll Never Have to Leave YouTube [Wired]