Reebok Sold Ripley’s Retro-Futuristic Sneakers From ‘Alien,’ But Only In Men’s Sizes 8 to 10

alien_stompersFor fans of the Alien movies who are able to pull off sneaker boots, Reebok’s issue of main character Ripley’s sneakers was welcome news. Only there was kind of a problem with the product’s sizing: the shoes belonging to an iconic female sci-fi hero were only released in men’s sizes 8-10.

When contacted about this, Reebok told io9 that the shoes are intended for all people, but the sizes were given in U.S. men’s scale because that’s their default for unisex styles. “The Alien Stomper is a unisex style and was produced in sizes (US Men’s) 3.5 – 12,” the Reebok representative explained, but no one has actually spotted any of those shoes smaller than 8 or larger than 10 for sale in real life.

While there are plenty of women who wear size 10 shoes, most don’t. Are sneakers honoring one of the most badass female science fiction characters really being sold in sizes that don’t fit most women?

Maybe it doesn’t matter in the end anyway, since there were only 426 pairs of the limited-edition sneakers distributed worldwide, and they’re now selling for lots of money on eBay.

Reebok Only Sold Ripley's Alien Reeboks in Men's Sizes (UPDATED) [io9]