Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Find Ancient iPod Case, Rare Full-Price MobiBLU

It was almost three years ago that one of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart excavated their first MobiBLU, a mini MP3 player that was the hottest entertainment technology available from Walmart in 2005. Somehow, the devices are still on the shelves at Walmart, sometimes at the original full price, never drawing any interest from paying customers: only from the camera lenses of our brave retail archaeologists.

This MobiBLU has been on the market since around 2005, at the time offering free downloads for Walmart’s music store, which shut down in 2008.

We’ve found them marked down as low as $60, which is still overpriced by at least $50, but this example that Samuel found is still inexplicably marked at full price.

No one understands why this is, including most people who work at Walmart.

“I managed to talk myself out of buying it somehow,” he writes. It was probably a difficult decision.


In a different Walmart, Matthew found this fine example of a 7-year-old iPod cover still at its original price, probably also facing a difficult decision whether to leave it behind or give it a good home. Ultimately, he only took a picture.



If you look closely at the price tags, you’ll see that both of these items have been on the shelf since 2012, but the shelf display of MobiBLUs was put there just in February 2016.

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