Walmart Marks Ancient MP3 Player Down To Slightly Less Hilarious Price

Bad news about that Walmart Music Store though

Bad news about that Walmart Music Store though

We have great news for fans of obsolete technology! If you’ve been waiting to get hold of an MP3 player that’s old enough to receive its First Communion, you don’t have to pay Walmart’s high price of $109.72 for one. No, the glorious MobiBlu is now on clearance for only $60.

Don’t remember all of this gadget’s amazing features? Let’s review, from when one of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart excavated another one a few weeks ago.


Well, I am running a newer operating system than Windows 98 SE, and I could use a tiny FM tuner, but I’m not so sure that I need those Walmart Music Store downloads that self-destructed in 2008.

Thanks to retail archaeologist Andrew, who made this discovery in Texas. “Once the word got out, they marked the stupid things down… to about six times what they’d cost anywhere else,” he writes. That price tag was printed a few days before we published our post about the last MP3 player, which in turn had been marked down on April 15. If word got out, it wasn’t because of us!

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