10-Year-Old MP3 Players Fail To Fly Off Walmart Shelves At $80

When will the MobiBLU, the world’s smallest full-featured MP3 player in 2005, finally sell out? Maybe never. The devices are doomed to roam Walmart aisles for years to come, reminding everyone that Walmart once had its own music downloads store, and that for some reason the retailer’s much-praised inventory control systems can’t understand how to get rid of decade-old gadgets.


For some reason, these devices keep ending up on Walmart store shelves, usually on clearance. Prices range from $109.72 to $60, putting this example that Josh found in a store in Kentucky in the middle of the price range. They could move the devices if marked down to maybe five or ten bucks, but for some reason that is not the Walmart Clearance Aisle Way.

How long as this item been hanging on this particular shelf? Glad that you asked. Yes, the shelf tag matches up with the item, and it’s been on clearance since June of this year. Apparently, you had to pay full price before that?


Let’s review the best thing about the MobiBLU: the promotional offer for free song downloads from Walmart’s music store, which expired in 2006. Those songs themselves expired back in 2008 when Walmart shut down their music store, taking customers’ licenses to listen to the files along with them.


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