Wheelchair-Using Couple Insulted By Restaurant Ticket Calling Them ‘Chair’

Image courtesy of CBS Miami

When you work in a restaurant, don’t put anything on a customer’s ticket that you wouldn’t want them to see. If you want to know why, you can take a look back in our archives… or just ask the couple in Texas who are annoyed with a local churrascaria that identified them on their receipt as “CHAIR.”

“I’m not one to really get offended,” the male half of the couple told CBS 4 in Miami. “Our order was fine and our food was delicious but I think it’s a good opportunity to educate people that someone in a chair isn’t just a chair. There is more to that person than the chair.”

(CBS Miami)

(CBS Miami)

CBS 4 in Miami followed up with the owner of the meat-centered mobile restaurant, who explained that she wasn’t singling the couple out and dehumanizing them: she generally uses shorthand physical descriptions of people, especially what they’re wearing, on tickets. “I [would] put ‘polo shirt’,” she explained to a reporter on-camera.

She didn’t see the problem with this system, but promised to stop if it bothers customers. “If they took offense, I apologize,” she said. “It was not meant in that manner. If that’s the case, I make sure it doesn’t happen again.” She also invited the couple to come back for a personal apology.

Local Couple Upset Over Shocking Name On Receipt [CBS News]

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