McDonald’s Testing Full Breakfast Menu All Day In A Few Markets

Image courtesy of Morton Fox

mcdonalds-full-breakfast-menu-all-dayIf a limited all-day breakfast menu is good for business, is a full all-day breakfast menu even better for business? That’s what McDonald’s is trying to find out as it tries serving the whole breakfast menu all day in the Triad region of North Carolina, and in Tulsa, OK.

The expanded menu is called, logically enough, “All Day Breakfast: Bigger Menu.” Instead of offering only McMuffins or biscuits, participating restaurants will have both, and they’ll also serve McGriddles. We previously had reported that just adding the McGridddle was in testing in the Tulsa area, and now the rest of the breakfast menu has joined it.

Expanding this test nationwide might not be a popular move, even though all-day breakfsat has been great for business at McDonald’s. Kitchens must be configured in a certain way to accommodate serving a few breakfast sandwiches; serving the full menu all day would require more.

McDonald's Testing Full Breakfast Menu All Day in a Few Locations [Brand Eating]

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