Hershey Ditching Artificial Flavors In Some Chocolate Products

The Hershey Co. is hopping on the trend bandwagon and tweaking the ingredients list for of its most two popular products: the candy company is taking artificial flavors out of milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses and bars.

Instead of using vanillin, Hershey is making those candies with real vanilla, reports the Associated Press, and lactose will also be removed from both chocolates. An ingredient called PGPR, which makes chocolate flow like Willy Wonka’s chocolate river in a manufacturing plant (I imagine), will no longer be used in the bars. Hershey is opting for cocoa butter as an alternative to get the right texture. It wasn’t included in Kisses.

Over on the official Hershey site, you can already see the switch in the ingredients for Kisses, with “natural flavor” replacing vanillin (yes, chocolate gets much of its flavor from vanilla — who knew?). Hershey says the reformulated chocolate has been shipping for weeks, and should be on shelves across the country soon, if they aren’t already.

This is the first step in Hershey’s somewhat recent plans to use simpler ingredients, and it’s in line with the industry: companies like Panera, Campbell’s, Schwan, Subway, Aldi, Mondelez and more all recently removed or have promised to stop using artificial flavors and additives in some of their products in response to consumer demand for less processed foods.

Hershey kisses artificial flavors goodbye in some chocolates [Associated Press]

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