Taco Bell Taking Pre-Orders For “Surprise” Super Bowl Item That’s Probably A Quesalupa

Twitter user @uscgmitch sent us these images of his Quesalupa back in Feb. 2015.

Twitter user @uscgmitch sent us these images of his Quesalupa back in Feb. 2015.

With less than a week left before the Super Bowl, Taco Bell is once again teasing fast food lovers about its forthcoming “mysterious” new menu item — which will most likely be the year-old “Quesalupa,” or as Conan O’Brein eloquently nicknamed it, the “case of lupus” — offering customers the option to pre-order the meal online before its big debut on Sunday. 

In yet another heavily redacted “press release,” TB announced this morning that its Ta.co website can now accept pre-orders, but only for this not-really-a-mystery-item that is almost certainly a Quesalupa.

Under the new system, customers can preorder the $2.99 product and pick it up on Feb. 6, from 2 to 4 p.m., two days before it officially hits stores.

Today’s announcement adds credence to previous reports that the new menu addition would be the soft, cheese-stuffed shelled Quesalupa, noting that the company would celebrate with events in “San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Toledo, OH, where (blank) was first introduced to America.”

As we know, the Quesalupa was first spotted in the wild in Toledo, where early reviews of the Quesalupa were fine but nothing to brag about — one reader told us that it tastes like a Chalupa, “but a lot more cheesy.”

[via Business Insider]

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