Over 5,100 Flights Across Two Days Already Cancelled Due To Winter Storm

Did you have plans to fly, er, anywhere involving the eastern half of U.S. this weekend? If you’re not already in the air, and you you didn’t already rebook with a travel waiver, now’s the time to get on that, because cancellations are rolling in.

Surprising nobody who’s been watching the increasingly dire weather forecast for the southeast, mid-Atlantic, and northeast — collectively home to several of the nation’s busiest airports — flights for today, tomorrow, and even Sunday are being cancelled by the thousands ahead of the storm.

As of 10:00 this morning, Flight Aware reports that so far 2,545 flights to, from, or inside the U.S. for today, January 22, have already been cancelled. On top of that, another 2,575 domestic Saturday have already been cancelled — a number which is almost certain to go up.

The Misery Map of live delays highlights the storm’s severity. While the severe weather is not expected to reach the metro D.C. area until lunchtime, and will not extend towards New York for hours after that, it is currently dumping snow and sleet on North Carolina — and Charlotte Douglas International Airport, a major hub for the now-merged American Airlines, is right in that misery bullseye.


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