Hurricane Harvey

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Why Hurricane Harvey Was Good News For Car Companies

Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc across swaths of Texas and Louisiana, damaging billions of dollars’ worth of property in its path. That includes cars, many of which needed to be replaced, resulting in a bittersweet sales boost for a number of automakers. [More]

Will Your Smartphone Manufacturer Repair Your Hurricane-Damaged Phone?

Will Your Smartphone Manufacturer Repair Your Hurricane-Damaged Phone?

In times of disaster, we often rely on our smartphones to check on loved ones or connect with relief organizations. But that’s a difficult task if your device has been damaged during the storm. To that end, some smartphone manufacturers are offering free repairs to victims of Hurricane Harvey.  [More]


4 Things To Look Out For When Returning Home After A Hurricane

As residents in Texas head back to their homes following Hurricane Harvey and those in Florida prepare for Irma to make landfall, federal safety regulators are warning them about potential dangers lurking in their storm-ravaged homes. [More]


Gas Prices Spiking Nationwide After Hurricane Harvey

As it was predicted, so it has come to pass: Days after the country’s largest fuel system temporarily shut down its main lines in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, gas prices around the country are shooting upwards. [More]


If You’re Getting Robocalls About Flood Insurance, They’re Scams

The world is full of really horrible, lazy people looking to steal your money while putting in the least amount of effort. Take, for example, the scammers who are blasting out automated, pre-recorded robocalls that try to scare people into believing they have to pay up or lose their flood insurance. [More]


Limited Flights To Houston Resume; Full Service Will Take Several More Days

You can fly over floods… but only if there’s a place to take off and a place to land. Houston’s airports, like the rest of the city, have been dealing with high water and torrential rain caused by Hurricane Harvey, and while the runways are dry, it’s going to take some time for air travel to and through the area to get anything like back to normal. [More]


Main Fuel Pipeline Temporarily Closes, What’s Going To Happen To Gas Prices?

Hurricane Harvey’s impact on fuel prices nationally might be more costly than first anticipated: The country’s largest fuel system, the Colonial Pipeline, shut down its main fuel lines. [More]

Best Buy Claims $43 Cases Of Water Were Mistake, Not Post-Hurricane Price-Gouging

Best Buy Claims $43 Cases Of Water Were Mistake, Not Post-Hurricane Price-Gouging

Most of us can walk into any big box or warehouse store and buy a case of bottled water for less than $10. But one Best Buy store in hurricane-devastated Texas was caught charging between $30 to $43 just for cases of water, leading to claims of price-gouging. Amid the blowback for its egregiously overpriced water, Best Buy is apologizing and claims it was all a mistake. [More]

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Insurance Won’t Cover Damage To 80% Of Homes Flooded By Hurricane Harvey

When the flood waters left behind by Hurricane Harvey eventually recede, they will leave behind billions of dollars in property damage. However, a large majority of homeowners will likely have to spend their own money to make their homes livable again. [More]

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Hurricane Harvey Cancels Thousands Of Flights, Disrupts Shipping

Flooding in the Houston area continues today, as remnants of Hurricane Harvey continue to unleash unfathomable torrents of rain on the Gulf Coast. In addition to the destruction facing local homes and businesses, all travel into or out of the nation’s fourth-largest city — both for people and for things — has been hampered, and will likely continue to be for some time. [More]


Owner Of Houston Furniture Stores Turns Them Into Shelters For Residents Stranded By Hurricane

Thousands of Texas residents have been displaced following Hurricane Harvey’s landfall over the weekend. While many of these people no doubt traveled to stay with friends and family outside of the affected areas, others don’t have those options. Instead, they’ve sought refuge from rising flood waters at community centers, shelters… and furniture stores. [More]

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Hurricane Harvey To Affect Gas Prices Nationwide

As residents of Texas continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the effects of the storm are starting to reverberate across the country in the form of higher prices at the gas pump.  [More]