Traveling This Weekend? Airlines Offering Travel Waivers Ahead Of Winter Storm

Planning on traveling by plane in the next few days? The winter storm rolling across the country this weekend might have something to say about that. Ahead of the storm’s arrival, most U.S. airlines are issuing travel advisories and weather waivers for customers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic who might find their plans ruined by snow, ice, sleet, wind, etc.

Check the list below before you head to the airport this weekend:

American Airlines: The airline has a list of 42 airports that are included in its weather waiver. If you’re flying to, from or through any of those airports between Jan. 21-24, you can change your flight to depart between now and Jan. 27 without any fees. You have to rebook in the same class of service and you can’t change your origin or destination, though you may be able to change the routing, like taking a connecting flight instead of nonstop, or vice versa.

Delta Air Lines: Delta’s waiver on ticket fee changes covers 33 airports, with changes allowed for any flights scheduled from Jan. 22-24. Tickets must be reissued by Jan. 27, and rebooked travel has to start by the same date. You can change your flight for free on the airline’s website.

United Airlines: If you’re traveling into or out of any of the 35 airports on United’s list between Jan. 22-24, you can change your flight for free. If you rebook to travel by Jan. 27 there won’t be a fee, though if you change your flight to a date later than that you will likely need to pay a difference in fare.

JetBlue: There are two separate travel waivers in play here. The first, for the Northeast, covers the New York and Boston metro areas. Travelers flying into and out of those areas only on Jan. 23 may rebook their flights for travel through Jan. 29, if they do so before the departure time of their original flight.

The second waiver is for the D.C. metro area, and covers travelers flying on either Jan. 22 or Jan. 23. If your airport is included in the list, you can also rebook for travel through Jan. 29.

Virgin America: The airline’s travel waiver allows free changes to flights traveling to, through or from Washington, D.C., New York, Newark or Boston between Jan. 22-24. You can rebook to fly on or before March 10, if you stick with the same class of service and routing. Virgin is waiving change fees and fare differences if your flight fits the criteria above.

Southwest Airlines: Southwest’s weather waiver covers 17 airports. If you’re flying into, out of or through those cities soon, ticket changes are free. Check the list for which dates are included, as it varies by location — some travel waivers will work through Jan. 24, while others are only through Jan. 23.

Frontier: You can make free changes to flights scheduled from Jan. 21 – Jan. 24 if your travel path takes you to any of the airports listed. It only covers tickets purchased by Jan. 19, and allows one itinerary change for free, as long as you’re rebooking to fly by Jan. 31 and your origin and destination don’t change.

Spirit Airlines: You’re covered if you’re traveling through or to six airports in the Northeast between Jan. 22-23, as long as you book to fly by Jan. 29. After that date, the change fee is still waived but a fare difference may apply.

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