Man Accused Of Shoving Steak Down Pants, Cans Of Beer Up Shirt

The Internet puts stories from news outlets all over the world at our fingertips, which leads to one inevitable question: why do people steal meat by stuffing it down their pants so often? It’s a crime that has suddenly increased in some areas, and people commit crimes against meat out of either hunger or desperation for cash. The latest alleged meat thief was making a nice meal out of a package of steaks, two 24-ounce beers, and a package of cream cheese.

WMBF reports that his happened at a Food Lion store in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at 9:30 on Sunday morning. According to the police, two men entered the store, and employees spotted one of them picking up the package of steaks and putting it down his pants. He wandered to the dairy department to grab the cream cheese, then picked up two beers, shoving all of these items up his shirt.

The man with meat down his pants and refrigerated goods up his shirt joined his companion, who was actually buying some items, in the checkout line, and they headed for the door together. That’s when the cops showed up, ruining the steak party and preventing the theft.

The 45-year-old alleged thief was arrested. It was his first recorded incident of shoplifting.

Report: Man stuffs steak in pants, beer in shirt at supermarket [WMBF]

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