Competitors Looked To Their Wallets To Prepare For McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

Competitors were happy to brush off the idea that they should worry about McDonalds’ new all-day breakfast, but the amount they spent on their own advertising tells a different story. 

Burger Business reports that the restaurant industry’s total ad spending was kicked up a notch in recent months as companies prepared for start of McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu.

While Subway and McDonald’s held back on ad spending earlier in the year, others were shelling out more significantly increased their ad budget during the third quarter of the year.

For example, Denny’s increased ad spending by 46% and IHOP increased spending 25% while waiting for the introduction of all-day breakfast.

“Their amplified marketing support appears to be a reaction to higher breakfast spending from several QSR chains and the anticipation of McDonald’s launch of an all-day breakfast menu,” Kantar Media said in an analysis of ad spending.

Despite IHOP and Denny’s spending more for ads in the third quarter, overall ad-spending was down 2.5% during that time.

Still, Kanter anticipates that fourth quarter spending – which took place during McDonald’s rollout of its new menu – will likely be record-setting.

Much of that spending could be tied to other fast food establishments offering new menu items. Burger King will add a chicken burger sandwich, while Wendy’s is expected to unveil a Black Bean Burger.

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