Delta Is Taking Seats Out Of 179 Planes To Give Flight Attendants Some Extra Space

The good news: an airline is actually trying to make someone more comfortable on airplanes, instead of less. The still good news but not really for travelers news: Delta is removing seats on 179 aircraft to give flight attendants some extra room to work with.

Depending on the airplane model, Delta Air Lines will take out two or three seats per plane, reports Bloomberg, in order to give attendants more space in the galleys.

“This is an investment to give our flight attendants the room that they asked for, and in turn so they can provide better customer service,” a spokesman said.

Sounds great for flight attendants, of course. We must admit though, that it does come as somewhat of a surprise in an industry that has considered stacking passengers on top of each other in awkward positions.

Delta Is Removing Seats to Make Flight Attendants More Comfortable [Bloomberg]

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