McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Menu Spotted In The Wild Ahead Of Nationwide Rollout

McDbreakfastDespite the fact that McDonald’s new all-day breakfast menus are slated to roll out across the country on Oct. 6, it seems there could be a few locations who couldn’t wait: Consumerist reader Victor spotted an all-day breakfast menu at the drive-thru of his local Mickey D’s in Northern California this week, and sent in the evidence.

As we reported before, each McDonald’s location will be able to pick which breakfast items they want to offer all day long, depending on that restaurant’s equipment or perhaps based on customer demand in that area.

In this case, McMuffins rule the roost, with the option for an Egg McMuffin (which comes with Canadian bacon), a Sausage McMuffin or a Sausage McMuffin with cheese. Sausage burritos, oatmeal, a parfait, hash browns and hot cakes have also made the cut. Each entree can be ordered as part of a combo as well, which comes with a small coffee and hash browns.

There is a chance that this particular McDonald’s was involved in previous tests of the all-day breakfast menu, though previous reports indicated that the San Diego area, Nashville and some locations in Mississippi were the only markets included in menu trials. We reached out to McDonald’s to see if that’s the case or if this location just went rogue and decided to break out the all-day breakfast menu a few weeks early.

If you notice an all-day menu popping up in your area — one that definitely wasn’t included in earlier tests, let us know in the tipline:

UPDATE: Thanks for your reports! Here’s where Consumerist readers have spotted all-day breakfast in the wild early. A McDonald’s employee reported to us that restaurants are generally launching the menu early if they want to as soon as they have the equipment in place and all workers trained.

A biscuit-based breakfast menu in Pineville, LA.

A biscuit-based breakfast menu in Pineville, LA.

Mesa, AZ
Irvine, CA (Off Culver and Edinger)
Davie, FL (Nova Drive)
Ringgold, GA
Urbana, IL (Philo Road)
Pineville, LA
Minneapolis, MN (Dinkytown)
Pottsville, PA
Oregon City, OR

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