Guy Spends 6 Months, $1,500 To Make A Sandwich Entirely From Scratch

How much does it cost to make a sandwich at home? Depending on your ingredients, probably only a few dollars, unless you’re shaving truffles on top or using cheese edged in gold. It also likely takes you just a few minutes to assemble your desired snack. That is, unless you’re the guy who made all his ingredients from scratch, costing him $1,500 and taking six months of his time.

Because watching a video of someone slapping some chicken breast, cheese and lettuce on bread isn’t that interesting, Andy George of the “How to Make Everything” YouTube channel posted a video about his efforts to make all of the ingredients he’d need for his entirely homemade sandwich, including: growing his own vegetables and pickling his own pickles, making salt from ocean water, milking a cow to make cheese and butter, harvesting wheat and then grinding it to make his own flour, collecting honey and yes, killing a chicken himself.

So how was the ultimate homemade sandwich? Eh.

“It’s not bad. That’s about it,” he says of the final result. “Six months of my life for ‘not bad,'” he adds with a laugh.

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