Makers Of Count Chocula Beer No Longer Need To Buy Out Town’s Cereal Supplies To Brew It

Ten months after a craft brewer in Fort Collins, CO admitted to buying up two grocery stores’ worth of Count Chocula to make beer, the cereal ale will be on tap for the general public to try. And this time, cereal lovers won’t find stores shelves empty as a result.

Cerealiously Count Chocula will be on tap at Black Bottle Brewery starting Aug. 25, before traveling to the Great American Beer Festival in October, reports The Coloradoan. It should also be in bottle form before Halloween, fittingly enough for the spooky-themed cereal.

This isn’t the first time the brewery has offered the Count Chocula drink, but last time, the general manager ended up causing a cereal shortage in town, dismaying some residents. The brewery has solved that issue and now has a supply of cereal coming directly from General Mills.

“(General Mills) sent all the Count Chocula cereal for this last batch,” said Black Bottle owner Sean Nook. “We are really lucky to have gotten it over a month ago.”

If a chocolate marshmallow cereal beer isn’t your thing, there’s also a new Wheaties beer in the works in Minnesota, though it won’t taste like the actual cereal.

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